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Starigrad is the center of the Paklenica Riviera, which was built on the foundations of the ancient town of Argyruntum. Today it is a more and more well-known tourist destination with just over one thousand inhabitants who switched their traditional way of life on the slopes of Velebit with life by the sea half a century ago. Because of the proximity and accessibility of the mountains, especially the attractive canyon of Velika Paklenica, Starigrad is not only a pleasant resort but also a traditional gathering place for hikers and climbers, adventurers and scientists, and for all nature lovers who come to enjoy the beauties of Paklenica and Velebit. While you revel in the crystal clear sea, your gaze is fixed on the magnificent canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica deeply cut in the mountain Velebit above you. And you have no idea that is them that you should be thankful for the surprising splendor of natural pebble beaches on Paklenica Riviera….

Location of Hotel Barba

Hotel Barba and Starigrad Paklenica itself are on the ideal location for all those who wish to sightsee as much as possible during their vacation.

In the immediate vicinity of Starigrad and Hotel Barba itself there are 5 out of 8 Croatian national parks (Paklenica, the Kornati islands, Krka, Plitvice lakes, Northern Velebit), and as much as 3 nature parks (Velebit, Telaščica, lake Vrana).

Paklenica is one of the most well-known hiking destinations but also known all around Europe as an ideal spot for rock climbing. The entrance to the National Park is only 2 km away from Hotel Barba.

The Kornati are the most beautiful part of the Adriatic, and we can arrange for you to go sightseeing by boat which departs from Starigrad itself and anchors in one of the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic, Telaščica bay, surrounded by 13 islands and islets, and containing six islets within the very bay.

Krka waterfalls are at merely an hour’s drive from Hotel Barba. The Krka river with its seven limestone cascades is a natural and karst phenomenon of exceptional beauty, and you can also visit the industrial monument Krka hydroelectric power plant which was built and started working in 1895, just two days after the Tesla hydroelectric power plant on the Niagara Falls.

The pearl of the Croatian inland, Plitvice lakes are at an hour and a half’s drive from Hotel Barba. Visit the largest waterfall in Croatia and beautiful, intact lakes of immense beauty.

To be in Starigrad and not visit the mouth of the Zrmanja river or take a shot at rowing on Zrmanja would be such a shame. If you are not ready to row, simply enjoy sailing from the mouth up until Obrovac (12 km) through a beautiful canyon of the blue-green river.

It would also be a waste not to take a walk around Zadar, see the Greetings to the Sun or enjoy the dusk of the evening by the Sea Organ; or not visit Šibenik which is an hour away, see the Fort of St. Nicholas or St. Jacob’s cathedral.

A bit more than half an hour away there’s also the ancient town of Nin, the place of coronation of Croatian kings, and its distinguishing feature is the Monument to the bishop Gregory of Nin, the work of the famous sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Gregory, according to a belief, fulfills wishes of those who touch his big toe… You should see for yourself…

Just a bit further away from Nin is the island of Pag with its well-known Museum of salt and a possibility of visiting the Gligora cheese factory which sells the best sheep-milk cheese in the world.

For the youngest of our visitors, we recommend the Croatian Gardaland, the Mirnovec Fun Park in Biograd na Moru, at an hour’s drive from Hotel Barba.

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